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I'd like to each and every one of you who had a chat with me and voted in the poll. The response was unanimously in favour of a major upgrade to Coolo Woolies. If you didn't catch me down at the shops, please still feel free to get into contact with my office at [email protected]. I'm keen to hear your ideas and vision for our local centre.

There were some fantastic suggestions, particularly around Coolo's very old and tired shopping trollies which don't meet what the community expects of one of our two big supermarkets, as well the lack of stock variety outside of Woolies' own home brand.

Overwhelmingly, the main complaint centred squarely on the poor and dilapidated state of Coolo Woolies. The infrastructure simply is not up to scratch, especially for those in the community with physical disabilities. 

I will be officially petitioning Woolworths Group to open up a discussion with centre-owner Mirvac on how to best to deliver a much-needed infrastructure upgrade to Coolo Woolies.

If you have any concerns at all or would like to be updated on my progress, please get into contact with my office at my email or on 02 6205 1448.