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In early January, I put a call out on my social media asking if you wanted to see an upgrade of the Cooleman Court Woolworths! I received a great response from the community, with lots of great feedback regarding what you want to see.

So I wrote to the Woolworths CEO, and received a response from their Portfolio Management Team today - and its all good news!!
The letter reads as follows:
Dear Dr Paterson,
We write to you acknowledging receipt of your letter on 29 February 2024 to our CEO Brad Banducci in relation to the Woolworths Supermarket in Weston Creek.
Brad has asked that I reply on his behalf as the State Property Portfolio Manager for ACT/NSW.
Thank you for bringing some of the community’s feedback to our attention.
The supermarket at Weston Creek is a leasehold store where Woolworths is not the owner of the building and instead works closely with its landlord on the building’s management and any changes to the store.
Our team spoke with your office late last year about the plans the landlord has for extending the supermarket and Woolworth’s plans for refurbishment. At this time there were still a number of legal and planning milestones before the project could be discussed more widely. These plans have progressed and the ACT Government recently approved a development application to expand the supermarket, with our intention to undertake a full refurbishment to our latest standard.
We expect work to begin this month, and be completed by the end of the year. The supermarket will remain open while the store is being refurbished. These new plans are in addition to the refurbishment that occurred in 2017. At this time the landlord installed travelators and a lift to the northern entrance of the Centre improving accessibility to the main car park owned by the ACT Government.
The feedback of customers and the community is very important to us. Our customer data for the store indicates customers are generally happy with the store and service however there has been some feedback on how the store could be improved. We would appreciate receiving the feedback you have received from the community so it can inform our future plans.
We will keep you and your office updated while our plans develop and will work with the landlord to inform the local community of our plans shortly. 
I will continue to work on this issue and ensure that centre-owner Mirvac and Woolworths knows the community's priorities going forward. You can read the formal Woolworth's letter at the link below.