This week marked a pivotal moment as we tabled the petition urging the ACT Government to enact critical reforms in snake licensing and service resourcing. The urgency of this matter cannot be overstated and the support of 646 signatories’ emphases the strong community support for our dedicated snake catchers in Canberra.
Last year's efforts in the Assembly yielded little progress, leaving me deeply concerned for the future of snake education and services in our beloved ACT community.
Consider this snake season alone, where Gavin Smith and his team, have valiantly removed over 200 snakes from various locales, including homes, schools, and workplaces. Their tireless efforts are a cornerstone of community safety and well-being.
Yet, the sustainability of public education on snake behaviour hangs in the balance without robust legislative backing. This petition seeks a comprehensive overhaul of licensing arrangements to streamline educational efforts.
It is evident that the current landscape is untenable. Our laws must mirror best practices in snake welfare, care, and protection.
Snakes are an integral part of our ecosystem. By uniting behind sustainable solutions, we can champion their welfare while fostering a deeper appreciation for their vital role in our environment.