08 March 2023

Sexist gambling ads are a dangerous game, how we took action this International Women’s Day 

This International Women's Day I want highlighted the highly gendered nature of gambling ads – yet another reason to get them off our TV screens.  

Australians are inundated with gambling ads daily - every 91 seconds on free-to-air TV.  

These ads target men and focus on stereotypical “male” traits, including often problematic behaviour and language, and feature male celebrities. If women are ever depicted, they are hyper-sexualised and passive objects present only to serve the men in the adverts.  

We know how gender stereotyping reinforces inequalities, promotes sexist behaviour, and attitudes and perpetuates violence against women. 

Whilst I celebrate the fact that Australia’s major sporting codes all actively work to improve women and girls’ participation in sport. I want Australia’s sporting codes to step-up and use their power to do better in promoting gender equity throughout sport. This means pushing-back against sponsors whose advertising perpetuates negative gender stereotypes.  

I wrote to the major Australian sporting codes, and peak ACT sporting bodies to express my concerns about this. 

I look forward to meeting with sporting bodies to discuss this issue and work towards better! 


Thanks to Louise Burrows, professional ACT Rugby Player for her support on ending sexist gambling ads, and doing better for women's equality in sport.