03 October 2023

Thank you to everyone who who took part in the Fisher Community Survey. We had 25 respondents and some great engagement from the community. 


For those interested I will provide a brief summary of results to the survey below:


  1. Playgrounds
  • Majority (74%) answered they lived near a playground.
  • Of that majority 87% answered they though the playground was in need of some maintenance.


  1. Public Transportation
  • 40% of responded were dissatisfied with public transportation
  • 45% were indifferent to it/did not use it


  1. Green space & Environment
  • Majority (65%) though access to green space in Fisher is good


  1. Active Transportation
  • 1/3 respondents answered they used active transportation 5 or more times a week.
  • 36% of respondents answered they rarely or occasionally used active transport


  1. Fisher Shops Amenities
  • A majority of respondents (57%) responded they were either indifferent or dissatisfied to the amenities provided at Fisher shops.


  1. Health Services in Weston Ck
  • 85% responded that they were satisfied with the accessibility of health services in the area


  1. Education Services in Weston Ck
  • Split fairly evenly between those who were satisfied and dissatisfied


  1. Safety in Fisher
  • 90% of respondents answered that they felt safe in Fisher


  1. City Services in Fisher
  • 65% of respondents were satisfied with mowing, potholes, bin collection and path maintenance.
  • Only 4 respondents (20%) were actively dissatisfied with the provision of city services


I will be regularly holding community surveys for other suburbs of Murrumbidgee. If you, your friends or family live somewhere in Woden, Weston Creek or the Molonglo Valley I highly encourage signing up to my regular(-ish!) e-newsletter and following my Facebook page for the latest news.


As always if you have any queries, questions or concerns you can contact me anytime by emailing me at [email protected] or calling my office on 6205 1448.


I look forward to working with residents to ensure that Murrumbidgee remains the best place in Canberra to live.