Renewable energy innovation

February 2021

As Chair of the ACT Legislative Assembly's Standing Committee on Environment, Climate Change and Biodiversity, I was pleased to lead the Inquiry into matters relating to renewable energy innovation in the ACT. The Inquiry had particular reference to:

  1. opportunities and challenges to boost renewable energy research, technology development and new zero emissions industries in the ACT;
  2. opportunities and challenges to establish the ACT as a national hub for renewable energy technologies and industries including zero emissions vehicles;
  3. opportunities and challenges to innovatively finance and/or manage renewable energy in the ACT;
  4. strategies to address limitations to collaboration and innovation between renewable energy stakeholders;
  5. the effectiveness of administration and funding of Australian Capital Territory Government policy and regulatory settings relating to renewable energy, climate action and emissions reduction;
  6. opportunities and challenges in battery storage including neighbourhood-scale batteries and vehicle-to-grid technologies; and
  7. any other relevant matters.

About the Inquiry

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