A new Community Council for the Molonglo Valley

11 February 2021

Today Murrumbidgee MLA, Dr Marisa Paterson will move her first motion in the Assembly, calling on the Government to support the development of a Molonglo Valley Community Council.

The Molonglo Valley residents struggle for representation and are currently represented through informal community groups and the Weston Creek Community Council. There are currently seven Community Councils operating across the ACT. Community Councils are non-political groups, designed to represent a broad range of interests and needs of the local communities.

“I do not currently live in the Molonglo Valley, but I did for a very pivotal time in my life from 2017-2018" Dr Paterson said.

“The feeling that really struck me from living in Molonglo was the sense of excitement for the future of the area and the will of the residents to develop connections and develop a sense of community”.

As the ACTs newest greenfield development – gazetted in 2010 – the Molonglo Valley area has diverse needs as it continues to develop and grow. In recent months, members of the Molonglo Valley community have established their own ‘Molonglo Valley Community Forum’. This group has been formed to advocate for the interests and needs of the local community.

Dr Paterson’s motion includes a call for the ACT Government to include “in the remit of the proposed Molonglo Valley Community Council that it is a requirement to engage with the community and advocate to the ACT Government on local issues relevant to the livelihood, liveability and wellbeing of residents and the community”.

She also said: “Given the unique demographic attributes of the newly established suburbs, it is imperative that the Molonglo Valley Community Council is reflective and inclusive of the diversity of the community. This will require thinking outside the box and exploring innovative community engagement methods to establish a council that engages younger stakeholders, and those from non-English speaking backgrounds as an example”.