Dr Marisa Paterson MLA: I give notice that I shall move - That this Assembly: 

  1. Notes that: 
    1. Australia has the unfortunate title of being a world leader in skin cancer rates; 
    2. Skin cancer is one of the most easily preventable types of cancer - avoided through awareness and practice of sun safety behaviours; 
    3. Government, medical and scientific bodies and other organisations are very effective in conveying sun smart messages, particularly for children; 
    4. Research carried out in the summer of 2019 assessed parental and primary caregiver’s attitudes towards sun safe hat and sunscreen use at a major children’s playground in the ACT. Findings identified that:  
      1. nearly one-third of caregivers were not wearing sunscreen; 
      2. nearly three-quarters were not wearing a sun-safe hat for their entire period of time at the playground; 
      3. over 80% believe it is important to model sun smart behaviours; 
      4. 93% stated a desire for government-supported sun safety messaging at playgrounds to reinforce and support good sun-safety practices by parents/adults and the child/children in their care; 
    5. There is significant room for improvement in the use of sun-safe hats and sunscreen for adults in ACT playgrounds; and 
    6. Improved sun smart messaging would provide a public health benefit for dermatology and skin cancer prevention strategies. 

2. Calls on the ACT Government to:  

    1. Explore opportunity to convey sun-smart/sun-safety messaging – for parents and caregivers as well as children – in ACT playgrounds through: 
      1. Murals painted by local artists; and/or 
      2. Posters and other forms of signage. 


Dr Marisa Paterson MLA 

10 November 2021