Garran Carparking and Traffic Issues

20 May 2021

I’ve heard from many Garran residents in recent weeks – via emails, mobile offices, phone calls and feedback from the Garran Residents Association. I have been talking with the community about concerns with carparking and traffic in the Garran area, particularly around the shops. 

I’ve presented a summary of what you’ve told me to Mr Chris Steel, Minister for Transport and City Services; copied below. 

As with any traffic issues, the matters involved are always complex and multi-faceted. Traffic engineers from Transport Canberra and City Services, together with Minister Steel and myself, are listening to the concerns being put forward by the community and are applying expertise to ensure appropriate outcomes to best serve the interests of everyone concerned. 

I’ll continue to request updates from Minister Steel, and to report back on progress.  





Dear Minister Steel, 

Re: Constituent concerns – carparking and traffic issues at Garran

During April and May 2021, I undertook consultation through mobile offices and phone calls to constituents in Garran.

As a local member for Murrumbidgee, I sought comment from local residents after becoming aware of carparking and traffic concerns in the area. I wanted to better understand the extent and nature of these concerns; with the aim to help address the situation.

More than 50 detailed comments were provided. This letter outlines a summary of the comments received. 

Overwhelmingly, people in Garran have experienced carparking and traffic issues, primarily noting:

  • a critical lack of availability of short-term carparking available at the local shops and in suburban streets; and
  • dangerous traffic conditions presented by the amount of on-road parking on streets throughout Garran.

Areas and streets that were noted by residents as being affected by these issues include:

  • Garran Shops;
  • Gilmore Crescent;
  • Nielson Street
  • Palmer Street;
  • Tompson Street;
  • Dennis Street;
  • Kitchener Street;
  • Robson Street;
  • Ingamells Street;
  • Stephens Place.

Residents expressed a desire for the following initiatives to address their concerns:

  • Increased car park facilities – to allow for those who need long-term, all day parking to access employment hubs as well as for short term shopping and visitor purposes;
  • time restrictions for parking in the area – at the shops and on-street;
  • improved public transport;
  • one-way traffic at the shops;
  • increased levels of enforcement for parking infringements;
  • improved park and Ride options;
  • donations to be provided to enable carparking at the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints;

Residents also requested that speed humps be installed on Gilmore Crescent and Palmer Street, to reduce speeding in the area; and that pedestrian crossings to key destinations also be installed.

I understand these are matters on which you are working closely with traffic engineers within the ACT Government, and with the community, to identify and implement appropriate and suitable outcomes.

I request that your office keeps me updated with progress on these matters, and I look forward to the developments as they happen. I would like to be able to feed back what is happening to the community as much as is possible.  

Dr Marisa Paterson MLA 
Member for Murrumbidgee 

20 May 2021 





Summary of nature of comments 

Carparking at the shops

Concerned that if current all-day parking at shops area is reduced to short-term restrictions, parking pressure will only be pushed further into the suburb and neighbouring streets.


Acknowledgement that all-day parking is needed for hospital and construction staff; but this shouldn’t compromise the ability of locals and visitors to easily find short term parking at the shops and in residential areas.


From 9:00am – 4:00pm it’s impossible to get a carpark at the shops. This is terrible for local residents and for local businesses.


It’s difficult to be able to attend medical appointments – and sometimes when a carpark for these appointments is required for longer then 2 hours.


Parking is a systemic problem and one which requires a long-term, holistic solution to address all user needs.

Carparking in local streets

Visibility at intersections and from residents’ driveways is reduced by on-street parking, creating dangerous situations and ‘accidents waiting to happen’.


Gilmore Street should be 50kph, not the current 60kph





Summary of nature of comments 

Business signage

Concerned that ACT Government won’t allow an A-frame business sign to be placed on Kent Street

Leaf litter

Greater general clean-up should occur to prevent leaf litter clogging drains and streets

Street lighting

Street lighting around CIT and the hospital seems too dim. Greater safety measures are needed, especially for hospital staff who often finish late at night.

Light rail

Concerned that it will be an eyesore and waste of taxpayers money


Concerned about the Covid Surge clinic on Garran Oval, and that it has detracted from local community use of the area


Concerned about the location of the Helipad as part of the hospital expansion

Federal Golf Course

Supportive of the proposed development

Public toilets

Needed at Garran Shops


More maintenance needed

Disabled parking

There’s not enough disabled parking across the ACT


Believes there should be greater individual rights for removing trees on private property

Public transport

Empty busses running late at night are a waste of public money