Brierly Street Upgrades

23 August 2021

Earlier this year the ACT Government committed $2 million to upgrade the amenity and area of Brierly Street and its surrounds. The upgrades will be undertaken to improve the utility of the area, and are aimed to encourage Canberrans to support local businesses. 

It is clear that local shopping centres are often the heart of communities. They act as spaces for people to gather, socialise, and seek out the services they need. In turn, it is important that these spaces be as inviting and useful as possible.  

As one of your local members for Murrumbidgee, I want to help achieve the outcomes the community most desires. Over the past few months, along side the formal consultation process, I have been seeking community input via emails, phone calls, mobile offices, and Facebook.  

Your comments will all be fed back into this process to assist in deciding how these funds will most effectively be spent. 

Today, I am providing Minister Chris Steel MLA, Minister for Transport and City Services, with a document outlining the feedback I have received from the community, thus ensuring that the communities desires are incorporated in the outcomes of this project. 

Below you will find the letter I have penned outlining a summary of what I have heard from the community; along with a selection of selected quotes. 

I look forward to continuing to provide the community with further updates on the Brierly St project, and will be looking forward to the community-centric outcomes achieved through these upgrades 

Please note: the existing shop building and businesses do not form part of the scope of this project. They are privately owned and are not under the purview of the ACT Government.


You can read the report I provided to Minister Steel here.