Eating disorder support services - progress and updates

22 March 2022

The ACT Government has tabled its response to my e-petition, on behalf of local community members, calling for improved support services for people in the ACT experiencing eating disorders. The response incorporates an updated 'ACT Eating Disorders Position Statement' and provides detail on the ‘Expanding Public Health Services for Eating Disorders’ (EPHSED) program and activities. 

You can read the Position Statement here.

Encouragingly, the updated Position Statement hinges upon a Territory-Wide Model of Care. The model outlines a stepped approach to eating disorder support services, providing flexibility across the continuum of support from early engagement to ongoing treatment. It recognises the complexity of eating disorders and that they are both a medical and mental illness. 

This initiative is a good step forward. There is much more that remains to be done. 

I intend to keep pressure on the Government about this important issue - I know how devastating it can be for everyone involved, including family and friends. 

I'll be keeping the community updated through my website and e-newsletter, and my Facebook page. And, as always, please don't hesitate to reach out if there's anything in this space I can do to help you or a loved one - 6205 1448; [email protected] 


If you, or someone you know, needs support for an eating disorder please contact The Butterfly Foundation on 1800 334 673



  • Speeches:

    • 23 March 2022 - Response to the ACT Government's  updated Eating Disorder Position Statement


February 2022

We're a step closer to having a residential facility which will provide a home-like environment for people in the ACT with eating disorders, their families, and carers, with the ACT Government having awarded a contract for the design of the facility to Collard Clarke Jackson Canberra Pty Ltd.

The facility will provide specialised support for recovery journeys including nutritional and psychological care so people can develop healthy relationships with food and exercise.

The next step is now to confirm the location and development process, with construction anticipated to commence late in 2022, for completion in 2023.

It is also anticipated that an associated Early Intervention Service for Eating Disorders will launch in 2022/23. This service will support healthy behaviours and care for people in early stages of developing an eating disorder.

This is also a great opportunity to remind the Canberra community about another related initiative of the ACT Government, launched last month, - the Eating Disorders Clinical Hub. The Hub improves coordination of resources, services, and expertise across the ACT for people experiencing or impacted by eating disorders. By doing so, the Clinical Hub ensures better access to care by connecting people with services that best support their individual needs and circumstances. You can find out more, and contact the hub, at: